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Since 1986 Rishe's has been a leader in the Auto repair and auto body shop industry. Investing in the latest tools & technology.      

About Me

Rishe's Auto Service Since 1984

We  have had a passion for cars since we were teens. Opening in 1986 with as small 2 bay auto repair shop. Our unique experiences and love for cars have brought us all together to share our passion as a family here at 1111 Paterson Street In Ogdensburg NY . We have expanded to include a state of the art auto body shop and invest in the latest tools and technology continuing to lead the repair industry is our way to the cars of the future. 

What We Look For

"I've never seen a car I didn't like" is our motto! All cars pre-1990 are welcome.  We pride ourselves with the diversity our club has to offer. Gear heads to novices are welcome!

Where To Find Us

Between all of our members, we have a diverse exciting collection. You can catch us all at a few local car nights as well as our monthly meet-ups at designated locations each month.


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Rishe's Auto Service

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